ETPs are ideally suited to today’s financial industry, where attention to costs is more widespread than ever before. Secure, diverse, transparently priced and accessible, ETPs appeal to a broad spectrum of investors. These securities are listed on SIX, Switzerland’s principal stock exchange, ensuring a high level of regulatory oversight.


Non-listed ETPs (nETPs) are tracker securities with the same structure as ETPs but without an exchange listing. They are well suited when the tracked assets or investment portfolios do not require intraday liquidity and access through a public exchange. nETPs allow for a wider range of underlyings. See our White Labeling Solution if you are interested to issue a nETP via Helveteq. Contact us here

Structured Products

Helveteq issues a wide range of structured products, always fully collateralized and secured and backed by a base prospectus. See our White Labeling Solution if you are interested in issuing a structured product via Helveteq. Contact us here

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MBRC BTC/ETH 30.00% p.a. CH1343290081 134329008 17.04. – 02.05.2024 6m MBRC Factsheet Icon Learn More

Exchange Traded Products (ETPs)

Crypto goes carbon neutral. To invest in our «Zero» suite of products, contact your bank or broker.
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AUCO2Gold Logo 0.50% p.a. CH1167574453 116757445 A3G5UP AUCO2 SW AUCO2.S AUCO2 Factsheet Icon Learn More
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