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Helveteq Investors

ETPs for self-directed Investors

ETPs (Exchange Traded Products) are ideally suited to today’s investment world, where attention to costs is more important than before. Secured, diverse, transparently priced and accessible, ETPs appeal to a broad spectrum of investors.

ETPs are listed on exchanges such as SIX, Switzerland’s principal stock exchange, ensuring a high level of regulatory oversight. These securities trade and settle like ordinary shares with market makers providing continuous liquidity.

You can buy/sell our ETPs directly through your bank or broker.

nETPs for External Asset Managers

In essence, nETPs (non-Exchange Traded Products) are the equivalent of non-listed ETPs, combining the key benefits of ETPs with added flexibility. A secured and regulated solution which alleviates the operational, administrative and economic burden of running an investment strategy.

EAMs acting as advisors gain specific market, regional or thematic exposure while building a track record through a single instrument. nETPs allow strategies to be executed in individually reported unit values, making it simple to serve multiple investors. This innovative suite of products caters to both public distribution and private placements.

Helveteq External Asset Managers
Helveteq Banks

Optimized conduits for Banks

Sustainable profitability hinges on integrated balance-sheet and capital management.

Our solution allows for optimized risk-weighted assets (RWA), improved asset turnover ratio, and increased balance-sheet efficiency.

We provide a unique scalable platform for banks and prudentially supervised institutions to crystallize additional fees on the securitized volume, release capital from areas of inefficient use and reinvest it at higher returns while improving customer relationship by offering more bespoke investment solutions.