Take control. Invest responsibly.

Rooted in the financial center of Switzerland, fully dedicated to positively impact society and the environment through its services and products, Helveteq is the issuer of ESG-transparent and carbon-neutral crypto investment products, with an outstanding international network. We offer Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) for self-directed Investors, non-Exchange Traded Products (nETPs) for External Asset Managers, and optimized capital conduits for Banks. Helveteq successfully combines traditional strengths such as excellence and universality of services with continuous innovation in fintech and sustainable finance.

Our Mission

Take control. Invest responsibly.

As ESG investing accelerates in demand, several key trends are emerging – from climate change to social unrest, inclusion & diversity.

By committing to research, transparency and projects in this area, we enable investors to align their financial goals with their personal values and convictions.

We help to deliver value responsibly.

Our Vision

Our investment products in every portfolio, for a better world.

At Helveteq we are positive realists. Achieving our vision of a climate-neutral, resource-efficient and equitable economy requires close collaboration between investors, the financial sector, the corporate world, NGOs, governments, and academia.

We believe that collectively, we can rise to meet this challenge.

Our Values

Open-minded We craft visions that drive purposeful change.
We have an inclusive mindset.
We value diversity.
True We embrace transparency even when it’s uncomfortable.
We are honest in our processes, outcomes and impacts.
We speak out what we mean.
Bold We encourage fresh ideas and embrace innovation.
We are relentlessly proactive, don’t wait for directions from others.
We are challenging for honours because we simply love competition.