Take control. Invest responsibly.

At Helveteq, we aspire to be at the forefront of the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) endeavour. We strive for a material positive impact on the society and the environment through our services and investment products. Accordingly we implemented ambitious ESG and sustainability guidelines, aiming at the B-Corp certification and prioritize decarbonization pathways to curb climate change.

What ESG means to us

We see ESG as an instrument to measure sustainability using environmental, social and governance factors. This benchmark is also embraced by the global community as international standards of fairness and equality are now applied.

B Lab has developed widely recognized guidelines and best practices. We concur that social and environmental business standards demand continuous improvement in order to meet principles of inclusion, independence, and credibility.

This is what we espouse in our core values.

Our company

ESG is an integral part of how we do business.

Our focus is on environmental and social criteria, however governance cannot be ignored nor seen in an isolated fashion.

Governance calls for mastering not just the letter of laws but also their spirit, henceforth we ensure transparency in our products and services and seek an open dialogue with various stakeholders (authorities, regulators, academia, NGOs, industry, investors) instead of formalistically submitting reports.

Our products

For digital assets on the blockchain, greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions cannot be prevented and represent a key environmental challenge. We therefore measure the ecological footprint in CO2 equivalent and compensate for it through direct financial contributions to projects that capture, reduce or avoid GHG emissions, benefit local communities addressing social challenges and improve biodiversity. We use the carbon credits these projects generate to  decarbonise by compensating voluntarily for the emissions. This compensation is critical in catalyzing faster climate action as it attracts funding to the most commendable projects and it supports solutions that will rapidly reduce emissions.

Our partners

We seek partners who share our passion for sustainable businesses.

As part of our engagement strategy, we entered a long-term cooperation with Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab of the Institute for Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich (UZH) that led to the development of a novel model on how to calculate and compensate the carbon footprint of assets powered by blockchain technology.

This integrated academic and practitioner approach has resulted in a new life cycle perspective available at UZH – Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab.

Helveteq Our Projects

Our projects

We only use carbon credits issued by projects that are certified under approved global standards. These include the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism), the VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) and the Gold Standard.  

This way we can ensure that the carbon credits are actual and verifiable, and that residual challenges such as quantification, permanence and additionality have been duly considered in the vetting process.

The integrity of our claim is verified yearly by an independent third-party.

You can find out more about our projects here.