Helveteq Ecosystem - Selection of Partners

White Labeling Solution

We securitize your assets and investment ideas. Helveteq covers a wide range of assets and operates with an outstanding international network. When we securitize your assets or investment ideas, we do so on-exchange or non-listed, but always 100% collateralized and secured. Our products are ESG-transparent.

  • ETPs, AMCs, structured products
  • Traditional and digital assets
  • Traditional assets include equities, bonds, structured products, etc.
  • Digital assets cover actively managed portfolios with short derivatives
  • Issuance solutions for active and passive strategies
  • Single assets, baskets, indices, portfolios
  • Mixed underlyings
  • Multi-currency
  • AMC issuer risk mitigated with 100% collateralization
  • No need to set up SPV/PCC
  • Faster time to market
  • Base prospectus for all products
  • Open custodian, multi execution setup
  • Pick your own custody institution
  • Select your preferred broker
  • Highest security standards through segregation of portfolios and independent security agent
  • Factsheets summarizing key characteristics
  • PRIIP KIDs (Key Infomation Documents)
  • Product metadata for Switzerland and EU
  • Exclusive “Crypto goes carbon neutral” and “Gold goes carbon neutral”
  • No setup fee
  • Linear fees as basis points / AuM