30.00% p.a. Multi BRC on BTC / ETH

Product Description

This product pays a guaranteed coupon of 15% (30% p.a.). As long as no barrier event has occurred during the lifetime of the product, the investor will receive the notional (100%).

If a barrier event has occurred and all underlyings trade above their strike levels at maturity, the investor will receive the notional (100%).

If a barrier event has occurred and the price of any underlying is below its strike level at maturity, the investor will realize the performance of the underlying with the lowest performance, as determined and calculated by the Calculation Agent.

The guaranteed coupon will be paid in any case, no matter if a barrier event has occurred or not.

Historical Performance

Product Details

Issuer Helveteq AG
SSPA Designation BRC (1230)
Base Currency USD
VALOR 134329008
ISIN CH1343290081
Subscription Period 17.04. – 02.05.2024
Initial Fixing 03.05.2024
Final Fixing 08.11.2024
Repayment Date 15.11.2024
Coupon 30.00% p.a.
Barrier 70% American
Strike Levels BTC: 59’177.00
ETH: 2’968.620
Barrier Levels BTC: 41’423.90
ETH: 2’078.034
Settlement Cash
Nominal Value 1’000.00
Issue Size 10’000’000.00

Service Providers

Custodian Bank Frick
Administrator Bank Frick
Security Agent Adexas Rechtsanwälte AG


Helveteq nETPs are always ESG-transparent. This means the ESG focus is clearly designated in the product Final Terms. In accordance with our exclusive cooperation with the University of Zurich, Helveteq succeeds in compensating the carbon impact of the crypto underlyings of this Product.


All nETPs are issued under the Base Prospectus of Helveteq. The Base Prospectus was approved by and registered with SIX Exchange Regulation Ltd, the reviewing body within the meaning of the Swiss Financial Services Act.


An independent Security Agent assumes responsibility for the pledged assets in favour of the investors using the underlying assets as collateral. It is therefore always guaranteed that investments are fully secured against default of the issuer. Furthermore, the collateral is securely held with a third-party custodial services provider and the value (NAV) of your investment is independently verified daily by a regulated administrator.


nETPs or non-listed ETPs are financial instruments that are equivalent to ETPs but without an exchange listing. They are collateralized tracker certificates or collateralized other structured products, thereby minimizing the issuer risk similar to ETPs. Given that they are not traded on exchange, nETPs can include a wider universe of underlyings than ETPs.